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Can't get Dell 1200MP Projector to work, nvidia 9600m gs


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noobie (as if you couldn't tell)

Computer is an ASUS M50VM, with a gforce 9600m GS video card, I am using the monitor out connection, and the projector is a Dell 1200MP.

Usually I cannot get anything to show up ou the projector, sometimes I will get a picture, but it is only half of the screen or the screen is split with a portion of the right side displayed on the left side of the projector, and the left side of the screen displayed on the right side of the projector. There is also a considerable amount of video "noise" on the projectors display.

I have tested the projector on two other laptops and it works perfectly, one difference being that the other laptops use an ATI video card.

I have tried three different drivers, currently running 180.70.

Usually the projector can't find a signal...until the screen saver comes on - then I will get a picture. Nvidia says that the monitor is attached, but Windows XP says its not.

I know, it makes no sense...

There has to be something obvious I am missing.

I have tried all resolutions, all refresh rates, I have tried to set up the projector with Nvidia's toolbox, I have tried with Windows, I have deleted the Nvidia driver and tried to run with just Windows VGA with no luck.

Btw, I have used other projectors with this laptop- no problem... I'm stumped and almost ready to go out and buy another projector!

After literally hours of trying to figure this thing out, this is the best I can do. after I get this picture, if I make any adjustment I loose the it.




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