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Ok, like near every other drivers, these here are also not installable on an Acer Aspire 7530G Laptop (Geforce 9100M G & 9600M) under Vista x64. Probably this is related to the hybrid-power feature.

Principal error reason: The Geforce 9100M G chip was never installed. I tried it on every possible way, no chance. It terminated every time with an error like. "The selected drivers doesn't support Windows Vista".

After an half day of testing I will try now nvidia's beta laptop drivers, however, I read somewhere that these one also don't' work on Aspire 7530G. That's all really frustrating.

The absolutely only drivers which where (more or less) installable was v180.70. But if I remember me correctly, it was only possible before the chipset driver installation. I noticed several issues like stability errors, big power consumption, every time empty akku, no wake up from stand by, etc.

I will post this info also on other threads in this forum.


Geforce 9100M G Hardware ID's





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is there a way to copy powermizer settings FROM the modded inf TO the original inf?!

this is my issue: on my 8600m gt the original inf installs the 185.20 driver just fine, everything working smoothly, but the issue is high temps, since there's no powermizer, like 4-5 degrees higher than when powermizer's on.

when i use the modded inf, powermizer's back, BUT this time i get black screen when resuming from standby issue :) , that sucks!

since im not that good with modding inf stuff that's why im asking if i can simply copy whatever powermizer settings i find in modded inf and paste those to the original inf, without harming the GC after all that?

Thanx all

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Guest Random Guest

i installed this driver on my new laptop

it is an ASUS notebook with a GF 9800M GS but it doesn't seem to fix the crashing/recovery problem for some of my games (i'm running on vista 64bit)

i also have a huge fps spike/ freezing problem for L4Dead

is this the video card that is defective?

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Have these drivers been updated or something? I downloaded them weeks ago, and the file size is 111MB, and now when I look here, it says it's 86MB.

I downloaded them again and they have almost the same filename:

185.20vista64-[Guru3D.com] (111 MB)

18520_vista64 (86 MB)

EDIT: Never mind, now I noticed the file version is different. :) But how are they different?

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if have installed your driver for my fx 570m. everthing works fine expect the problem that i can't enable overscan and get a wrong native scaling for my external monitor (1920x1080 instead of 1680x1050). using vista 64bit sp1 and the drivers from this thread. I've read about the problem on the nvidia site here, Link, but the enoverscancomp entry is not set in the registry when i run the exe file.

here a link to a screenshot to my problem: Overscan Problem

Any ideas how i can enable overscan and fix the native scaling?

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DOX's version much better it is for me - try it

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They do not install on my laptop. With or without the modified inf. I still end up with the one I had before.

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Guest Labiloute

Hi all, i have a question :

To be honest now im a bit confused with all drivers available on this forum, i mean there is so many versions 180 181 182 185 etc and of course .INF files which i dunno what they do.

I want to know if someone can explain me what i have to choose for me laptop for a maximun of performance.

I have a 9700m gt 512 ddr3

Thanks for the one who can explain me all footage about it :)

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Just thought I'd add. This driver is by far the fastest for my Gateway P-7811 FX with a GeForce 9800M GTS.

I've tried most of them up to 191.03 and none came close to the performance I get with these.

Downside is that the CP doesn't work 100% correctly. Can't change 3D settings for specific games, and it doesn't support all the resolutions I'd like.

All that aside, it's fast...

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