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HP Pavilion DV9005US


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Cannot recommend HP. I have been a lifelong customer, first purchasing HP laser printers in the early 90s. That has all changed. At the beginning of 2007 I purchased a Pavilion DV9005US. The one with the sub-engineered Nvidia GPU. The unit lasted maybe 12 months. I finally realized that HP had a Service Enhancement Program in effect for this laptop. Upon calling HP, I was told that my units serial number fit within the range of the "recall" and that I would be eligible for repair under the Service Enhancement Program. Furthermore I was told that this repair would be made free of charge. HP very quickly sent me a box to return the unit, with instructions for packaging. The day the unit was due to be shipped back to me, I checked the Service Order Status which said they had tried to contact me (They hadn't, even though they have my phone number.) and that the repair to this laptop would cost $1065.37!

The reason for the charge being that I was (somehow) no longer eligible for the Service Enhancement Repair as originally requested and granted in my intial phone calls to HP. Why would they tell me that I was eligible for a repair, and then come back to me once the laptop was in their possession and tell me that I was not eligible? Because they wanted to sell me a new system. The agent told me the laptop was not economically viable for repair, but that I was eligible for "a reduced price on a new system."

HP chooses to use sub-engineered components in their laptops, and then when they tell me they will repair this laptop, they flip it around after it is in their posession by trying to sell me a new system. Welcome to capitalist greed 101! HP won't issue a recall because of the bad press they will receive for what they are well and truly aware is a substandard component in this laptop. I have purchased my last HP product.

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If it was determined that you weren't eligible for the SEP repair, then it must be because something else unrelated had killed it?

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My computer has the same problem and after many phone calls I was told my computer would be serviced free of charge and a box would be shipped to me. If what I am hearing from you is true there is a real possibility of sending in my computer and receiving a call or email with a charge for a defective GPU.

Did they fix your problem free of charge or are they still charging you for the repair?

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