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SparkLAN WMIR-200N WLAN 802.11n draft2.0 dual band MiniPCI Wifi Module - Laptop Internal Ralink RT2860 Chipset 2T/3R Wireless Adapter

SparkLAN Mimobility 300Mbps technology wireless LAN mini-PCI card IEEE 802.11a+g+b+n Draft wifi standard NIC adapter for laptops

(also for barebones & WRAP boards)

Ralink latest chipset card manufactured by Sparklan only few weeks ago, NEWEST CONFIGURATION VERSION GUARANTIED.


SparkLAN Inc is an upcoming player in the wireless arena with extremelly high quality products at reasonable prices. We are proud to be its North American Official Distributor.

Please check your laptops specifications before buying.

Standard Mini-PCI interface card for laptops. Takes two cable connections for the antenna support. It should fit any recent laptops from IBM, DELL, ACER, Toshiba, Compaq and others ( if you have a Mini-PCI slot and antennae wire(s) your laptop should be compatible - it also works with no antenna attached but it has a far shorter range). Also fully Centrino compatible.

ULTRA FAST SPEED AND EXTRA LONG RADIO RANGE (very high TX and RX power - it has actually much BETTER RECEPTION than many external adapters - improves your connection and your life!). PLUS ENHANCED WPA & WPA2 SECURITY!!! Why having a PCMCIA card sticking out of your laptop when you could easily install this one internally?

SPARKLAN Mini PCI WiFi Wireless 802.11a/b/g/N Universal Card.

[ RALINK CHIPSET - MIMOBILITY technology Mini PCI wireless adapter ]

Every aspect of chipset design is aimed at enabling customers to build smaller and more sophisticated mobile wireless products, more cost-effectively. Every Ralink product is tested and certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance for interoperability with industry standards for IEEE, security and multimedia specifications, including: Wi-Fi, IEEE, WPA, WPA2, Cisco CCX and WMM.

wifi logo Sparklan cisco wpa2 sparklan wmm sparklan


With Ralink's patented MIMObility? technology for 802.11n, Wi-Fi applications can be extended from traditional PC networking to a wide range of digital multimedia and handheld devices including cell phones, PDAs, cameras, print servers, HDTV and video game players. For each chipset, Ralink delivers software reference platforms empowering customers to develop complete system-level WLAN solutions.

With the introduction of new bandwidth intensive applications and growth of Gigabit Ethernet ports, there is increasing demand for wireless LAN throughput. The SparkLAN Ralink 2860 chipset dramatically increase the overall throughput of the wireless LAN by supporting link rates as high as 300 Mbps - an improvement of nearly six times the throughput of standard 802.11a/g.


Sparklan provides drivers for most of the windows versions and linux. Drivers for other operating systems might be available.


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I bought one of these from Oxfordtec and it is nothing but problems in three of my laptops at this time. I am trying to get an RMA for return from Oxfordtec.com at this time. They had me try a modification to tape over pin 3 for my Toshiba laptop and another mod for Acer laptop (tape over pin 13) but it still malfunctions. The card if and when it decides to be recognized and works, only connects and recognized my 2.4Ghz signals but it failed totally to recognize any 5Ghz signals. I have dual band network setup with strong 5Ghz signals throughout. All my other laptop adapters pick up the 5Ghz signals just fine. This Sparkkan WMIR-200N card they sent me is either defective or it is DOA and/or the drivers need serious reworking. I was running it on Windows XP SP3 systems. Sometimes the card was totally dead and unrecognized and other times it would come up running but never see any 5Ghz SSID's. 2.4Ghz SSID's would connect but drop signals constantly. poor showing IMO. I am waiting for Oxfordtec to reply to me with an RMA... going on two days now, no reply offering me an RMA... I will wait one more day and then call them personally to speak to them about this defective card.

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I've not tested this card my self, wouldn't actually mind taking it for a spin.

There is no dual band MiniPCIe card with this chipset :)

But the 2.4Ghz version is the best WLAN card that I have tested over all.

I'll see if OxfordTec can send me a card to test for future diagnosing.

You've downloaded the latest drivers from Ralink webiste ?http://www.ralinktech.com/ralink/Home/Support/Windows.html

Don't try and diagnose it with Windows Zero Config, use the included Control panel with driver.

In the Ralink Control Panel, is 5Ghz band enabled ?, from memory the Ralink USB card I tested had 5Ghz disabled by default.

The control panel (one of the best in the business) is the place to start working on any issues.

There should be a signal here, if there is not and 5Ghz is enabled then something is most likely wrong with the radio chip or possibly something else.

Let me know how you get on with this.

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