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RAM and FSB problem...worth upgrading?

Guest mhd

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hi all,i have pm965 chipset and t7300 processor, 800mhz FSB.i have 2gb DDR2 667 mhz dual channel ram.i wish to upgrade to ddr2 800mhz 2 gb.howver pm965 chipset can only support upto 667mhz for ram, but it does support 800mhz FSB, so is it worth upgrading and can i still get ddr2 800mhz, becuase my FSB is 800mhz...i hope that it all makes sense.

thx for reading



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You will not get any noticeable gain with just going to 800Mhz you will gain more by going to 3GB and stay with 667Mhz.

800Nhz DDR2 will work in a 667Mhz MB as it's backwards compatable.

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thx for ur reply, but what do u mean by it being "backward compatible"?

ps i may get 3gb ram of 800mhz, but are u sure it will work on my chipset which only supports 667mhz max as it says on the intel website?

and does FSB have anything to do with this?

sry for my lack of knowledge on computers :]

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well, not exactlly. you could increase your fsb, but trhis would in turn oc your cpu as well as fsb/memory. you may not fry your memory if you up it to 800mhz memory, but you might fry the cpu or motherboard by overclocking. on a totally different note, if you are comfortable with it, then do it...

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have you tried nvidia system tools? not sure if the new version plays well with your chipset, but if not i remember ntune 5.0.54 or something like it working on my hp

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