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Four Monitors in Vista


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I am new to this forum and reading through things, I hope I have a glimmer of hope.

I am trying to run a 4 monitor setup. I have a Nvidia GeForce 6200 PCI Express Video card which supports two monitors. My motherboard only supports 1 PCI Express Card, so I would like to install another PCI Nvidia card with dual monitor support, totalling 4 displays. Now according to Microsoft, I have to run 2 video cards that have the exact same driver. Does this mean I have to get a PCI 6200 Nvidia card. I am trying to see if I can run my 6200 PCI Express card and a 5200 PCI card together in Vista.

Does anyone know if the drivers on this site might let me run a card like the Quadro NVS 4200 PCI together with my PCI express card?

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Either of those 3 PCI cards should work with your PCI-E card, you just need the same driver version. If you go with two 6 series cards they will have similar capabilities which will help in something like MS flight sim.

In some multi-monitor programs, the graphics card with the least capabilities will determine what you can run. (so a FX card could limit your setup, whereas 2x6200 cards would be ideal)

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I should probably warn you that PCI is not fast enough for the load imposed by modern video cards. If you have a PCI video card, you cannot watch a DVD or Blu-ray disc on the monitor hooked up to that video card. Also, graphics refreshes may be slow due to the lack of bandwidth.

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Have you ever used a 4 monitor setup before Michael? He most likely will not be watching 4 DVDs at a time. I am also pretty sure a PCI 5200/6200 is fast enough to run 2 DVD videos at once if the host PC is fast enough. Also a graphics card like that will hold up pretty well in MS Flight Sim for the 3rd and 4th monitors.

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