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Another 5920G owner wanting an upgrade


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As my title says, I have an Acer 5920g laptop and I love it. I've upgraded the RAM to 4GB, I've swapped the hard drive out for one that runs at 7,200 rpm and I've replaced the OS with Vista 64-bit premium.

I want to do a few more upgrades to the laptop, but I will not until I know I can upgrade the graphics card to something worthwhile. It currently has the 8600m GS DDR2 512mb which is overclocked by a fairly good margin 10-15%. So can anyone tell me of a graphics card that I can upgrade to that will allow me to have a significant improvement?

I've seen that the nVidia 9600m GT doesn't work on the 5920G, which is a bloody shame. So is a 8600m GT DDR3 512 or the 9500m DDR3 512 a graphics card that will be worth the money and risk to upgrade too? Or has someone managed to get the 9600m GT to work, as that would make me very happy.

If I can get a better graphics card, that can overclock again by at least 10% and gives me over 50% performance over my overclocked model I might consider upgrading the rest.

Rest of upgrades includes: Intel Core2Duo 2.0Ghz processor to an Intel Core2Duo 2.5Ghz 6mb Cache processor and the onboard sound to a Creative X-Fi sound card. Oh and by the way this is my first post here, but I've been stalking the forums for over a year.

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So far HD3650 is the best graphic card that bios allows, but you have to make some modifications according to the ram places are different, so heatpads should be replaced, some says it is a bit hot, but 8600m GT DDR3 512 would be cooler and less problem with the heatpads, just replace your old card and put this but remember it should have an acer bios on it or else you see black screen. I changed my t7500 with t9500 and I bought x-fi surround usb, not to mention upgrade first seagate 200gb 7200.2 seagate momentus, than 320 gb wd scorpio 320gb 7200-bekt, 4gb ocz ddr2-800(not so on 5920g)mhz. I have a humble 256mb ddr2 8600m gt and hd4650-70 is on my next update goal(if the bios lets me) I don't think 9600m gt is very much better than 8600m gt, just a little bit but ı don't prefer it for upgrade. A hd 4870 on my 5920g will give me a very good gaming monster I hope.

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