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First post for the year, may as well start off with a doozy!

USB Extra Soft Winter Foot Warmer

Apparently there is a market for a nice big slipper with USB power supply. And why not... It?s cozy... its fluffy... it comes in several colors. And it plugs in your USB port. After several minutes it will start to heat up.


It serves a purpose, but its biggest drawback is obviously that you have no range of movement. Well, that?s unless you disconnect it from the computer in which case you can use it to hop around.

Pieter, I know you want one!

But thats not all...

USB Powered Winter Hands Warmer Glove!!

USB powered gloves can come in very handy if you happen to be working for the FSB or NSA and are on a secret mission. Break out with your laptop and, if it happens to be freezing your problems are solved!

USB powered gloves, plug them into your laptop and your hands will be warm again in minutes. Just watch out for that laptop battery gauge.



Ok... on now to things we may actually want and use.

The Asus Eee Keyboard has just been announced and i want one! It?s a full-sized keyboard with built-in PC including WiFi and Ethernet, speaker, microphone and a 5-inch display and touchscreen. It will connect to any display, even offering wireless HDMI!! Is there even such a thing? I am actually interested in playing with one whenever it gets out.


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I've thought about getting such gloves for a while, my hands are always icy when I'm done with my laptop.

But that keyboard.....how much does it cost?

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That keyboard looks very interesting....Okay I WANT one! :)

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I do, but there http://www.dealextreme.com. THey offer too free delivery and I guess items would be the same, I didn't check budgetgadget.

EDIT: I've checked the website, and dealextreme has much more item to buy. I'll continue to use that one. I've already receveid a laptop usb vaccum, wich was more to test the website, and I buyed a 8 G micro sdhc card for 20$ canadian (it's 80 here last time I checked)

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500ma is very much power to operate a footwarmer...

500mA @ 5V is 2.5W, so not much at all...I'm sure you use 60W-100W light bulbs in your house?

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500mA @ 5V is 2.5W, so not much at all...I'm sure you use 60W-100W light bulbs in your house?

Incandescent is so 90's. I use CFLs.

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§ Eee Keyboard ? a fully-functional PC and multi-media center enabled by ultra wideband HDMI which also serves as a wireless hub; TBA

§ Eee Stick ? a Plug and Play full motion wireless gaming controller for the PC platform; TBA

Thats all the information i was sent. So price and availability will be in the not to distant future

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