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Go 7900GS performance and heat issues...


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I'm stuck with a Toshiba P105-S9722 using Windows XP with the latest Toshiba BIOS (4.50).

The heat problem is basically because of the fact the fan just doesn't work... it does work on vista tough. The GPU temp goes from 68ºC on idle to 88~92ºC on full.

I used many drivers while researching here on LaptopVideo2Go but no sucess at all. The latest one was (is) DOX 180.84.1.

About the performance... well... When playing oblivion, no matter what settings I would put (from 1440x900 on Low to 1920x1080 on Ultra <--- this one on TV) the FPS difference was not bigger than 10FPS. Not to tell about the fact Fallout 3 runs ridiculously slow on lowest settings with a pathetic resolution and crashes right at the party on the beginning despite using the patch. Test Drive Unlimited stutters like hell too. I'm not even trying newer games so great is my deception. My desktop in on another city and I'm pretty much doing nothing now.

I know there is a LOT of topics here about these Toshiba series but after researching so much I didn't found a solution. I would be thankful if anyone could help me.

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Not having working fans is a big problem and will severely shorten the life of your gpu and maybe damage other parts.

Have you tried SpeedFan or something like it to see if your fans can be forced on?

Otherwise just keep trying different drivers (179-series is good for 7900gs).

A notebook cooling pad might help too.

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Yeah... tried SpeedFan and RivaTuner without sucess. Just downloaded a bunch of drivers, gonna try them now.

Not even Toshiba VGA drivers make the fan work. I fear it died somehow.

Thanks for the help :)

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Guest Cmdr. Data

I have a Toshiba Satego P100. I downgraded to Win XP Pro and had problems with the fan as well from the beginning for a long time. With some drivers the fan didnt run at all, with the Toshiba recommended and most drivers from here it did but only at one slow speed. The temperature of the GPU was acceptable when using the desktop but when I played games the temperature went over 100°C sometimes without the fan running any faster. The games always slowed down much when that occurred. I usually minimized it for a few minutes and the temperature went down in the 70s again. When playing, temperature went too high again.

One day the Geforce 7900 GS chip died: a lot of green lines and blocks appeared and sometimes other patterns when it was hot. Windows became unstable and crashed. The patterns were visible on BIOS stage already. After cooling down it worked for a while on desktop level until the green and other colored blocks appeared again but I was no longer able to run any game at all. It crashed immediately.

I sent it in for repair within warranty time and got the VGA chip replaced. From that time until now it works fine for a few months already. The fan may not run at all after booting when it is still cold, starts cooling a bit when it becomes hotter and runs even faster when a game is running to keep the temperature successfully at around 80°C.

I didnt change anything in the windows setup after repair and it worked fine. I updated several times when new drivers came up here and it still works fine. So I think there was a general problem from the beginning, not a driver issue. Maybe there was a certain faulty series of the Geforce 7900 chips which have been built into a lot of Toshiba laptops as so many people have similar problems without finding a solution. Toshiba surely wont admit that but that seems to be the case.

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