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X305-706 Hybrid SLI


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ok, kinda confused. I've had this system bout 12 days or so, and in playing with it i have come across a question. looking at GPU Z, version 0.3.1 it seem that both cards are woking with SLI, but it shows the PCI-E 2.0 x16 @ x8, never higher, tho it does drop lower based i think on the power saving option for PCI-Express power state management. Now onto the dilema, my 3dmark06 score is only 9800 with the stock 176.49 drivers and 9888 with 181.11, and my understanding is that this system should be capable of much more. So I am wondering if it is because the PCI-E doesnt clock up to x16, or something else? Is only one card in reallity working in sli? how can i track card usage per card? is there a way? can everest do it? anything else you all can think to explore?

another thought, is my processor holding back my graphics? compare these and tell me what you think:

176.49 stock 2.2mhz CPU

3dmark 06 9889

SM2.0 4380

SM3.0 5081

CPU 2051

3dmark vantage p5505

GPU 6027

CPU 4370

OC CPU 2.6mhz

3DMark 06 10598

SM2.0 4775

SM3.0 5300

CPU 2234

3dmark vantage p5779

GPU 6098

CPU 4994

thanks in advance

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