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Guest Alex-8600m gt

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Guest Alex-8600m gt

I'm playing cod world at war, and it runs fine, but after some time the screen freezes!!!!!! i have the geforce 8600m gt 512 mb up to 1280--- and i tried alot of drivers on this site, but no of them fixes my freezing problem=(

i had the same problem with cod 4, but i solved it with to update my driver at that time, but it dosent solve it this time=(

i hope someone hav a solution to this!

Thanks for any advise you give=)


Computer: acer aspire 7720g

System: vista 32bit - ultimate

prosesser: intel core 2 duo 2,4 ghz

video card: nvidia geforce 8600m gt 512 mb- up to 1280 mb

ram: 3gb ddr2

and im not using any overclocking programs...

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i am having the exact same problem, halfway thru a multiplayer map the entire screen will freeze and i have to cntrl alt delete and end the process in order to get back to the desktop, i also fixed the freezing in COD4 by updating my video card driver, but as you said it doesnt work this time. i have a 9800GTX+ so i know its not that the card cant handle it. Hope someone can shed some light.


Intel C2D 6750 2.66

4gb DDR2 1066


Vista 32&64

EVGA 680i mobo

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I have a similar issue on my 9800M GTX. It freezes sometimes in GTA4 and very often in Mirror's Edge. I've noticed the freezing in Mirror's Edge when there was something very Physx intensive so I've disabled PhysX and now no freezing. I have the latest PhysX engine and 181.22 drivers.

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Guest Drahcir

I have got the same... But it is possible to continue playing as it is for me, when you pressed ctrl-alt-del ; enter taskmon and then cancel all and return to world at war. It will continue after a few sec.

Maybe it has something to do with the power!? Is there enough power to the graphics card?!

This is a screenshot made with my camera at the screen freezes > check the right corner below > you can see a couple of green squares, they also can appear in another colorIMAGE_007.jpg

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