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Planesape Torment and NVIDIA Cards = Problem!


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Hey all...old game in question here.

Ive spent the whole day trying to get it running nice but to no avail and Im thinking trying an older driver may help me out.

Im running a 8600M GT with 179.28 recent forceware drivers from nvidia.

Game is patched up and running in a higher res 1280 800 in vista but there are problems with the modelling of the in game sprite characters.

There are for instance black squares surroundin in game moddells and figures walk backwards in a crazy kinda moonwalk way making it all look very silly.

Its such a shame, the game looks amazing in increased modded res like this but Nvidia cards dont seem to be working with this game. It comes down to the card in the end after all this patching and modding. People are just giving up on this fantastic game. Thanks Nvidia!

The hardware acceleration drivers dont cope well with the modelling in this old game.

Tryed everything though, including messing with ini files for ingame graphics but it seems as though I am unable to ''turn down'' graphics through control pannel as a way to rely on software rendering. Vista blocks this option by saying the current driver does not allow it.

Whats the best...im guessing modded...nvidia driver to use for Planescape Torment sort of graphics??

I wonder if an older driver addressed this issue directly? Im amazed that the latest drivers havent built on this compatibility with classic games.

Thanks in advance for all help!

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Yeah done that stuff.

What you mean by virtualised?? Never heard or done that!

And cheers!

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Wont this require me to have Windows 98 cds etc to set up a virtual pc running that framework?

Or can I do that without? Im trying microsoft virtual pc.

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I have sent you a PM concerning this.

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