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Heya guys

So I have this laptop Acer Aspire 5920G for over a year now.

I have got to say i'm pretty satisfied with this laptop I can run all the games that came out in the past year on medium-high details (yes even crysis) so i don't complain, however one things worries me.

The temperature of my nvidia 8600 GT.

It acts weird on some games it won't get past 72°C or so but when i'm playing WoW it can heat up to 78°C...

My drivers version

Anyway I wanna ask what's a normal temp for this card? is it ok so high?

my processors get up to 72°C when gaming but that's max they won't get higher then that, when I'm not gaming everything drops to 50-55°C idle....

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78C isn't bad at all. You should upgrade your drivers. You can try 179.28.

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Guest Tech Nerd

i got a geforce 9600m gt and i checked the gpu temperature while playing gta 4..

it goes up to 97°C... im also wondering if that is normal ôÔ

fr3dman sc00p

I would really be concerned about that. 97°C is never normal for any card. I have a 8800gts and never go above 65°C, so I would check all fans and see if they are all working properly. That card should see temps around 75°C for extensive play.

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Guest fr3dman sc00p

I had this temperature of up to 97°C with the Dox Optimised 181.20 .

I realized that I got a lot more fps with the dox drivers but then the temp goes up to 97°C and it starts to lagg.

Now installed the official 179.32 from HP and going to check the temps while playing.

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