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9600m gt (upgraded from 9500m gs on acer 6920g) problem


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Hi, I've just received my 9600m gt card from HERE, but i have some problems getting it to work:(

The card has an ES (Engineering Sample) vBIOS.

I know it's possible to with my laptop: LINK But i cant get it to work:(

When i try to start my 6920g with it, i first get a message about "Enginering sample not for production use" or something like that, then it continues to boot, i can see everything, the green vista loading bar, the login screen etc., but its running in a lower resolution (1024 x 640, i think). However, the problem is that after about 30 seconds it shuts itself down. I've tried rebooting it but then it takes even shorter time before it shuts down again. Is this a thermal issue??

The card feels pretty hot when its only been active for under a minute. I think i've installed the card correctly, but there was some problems with the new heatsink, it didn't fit so im using the old 9500m gs one. I don't think it could have anything to do with the vBiOS, coz it boots longer the first time, and it goes fewer seconds till it shut down the second time i boot it, but if i let it cool down it gets further in the boot. But should i try flashing with a acer 9600m gt bios?, cause i have one ready. But im afraid if i flash it, it will shut down while im doing it and i will be left with a dead card :)

What should i do?? :)

Pls i need help fast or im gonna return the card :P


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