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GeForce 9300M GS - Is a MXM video card?


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Hello. I have a ASUS X83VB-X1 with GeForce 9300M-GS.

I would like to know if the 9300 video card is the type MXM and can be updated?.

Pictures of the video card below:





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yes, its seems to be MXM type 2. But i dont know if your laptop supports upgrading.

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The upgrade has related with the north bridge chipset or the BIOS ?. X83Vb use Intel PM45 Express Chipset with 82801IBM I/O Controller Hub (ICH9M).

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It's clearly not MXM. ASUS uses a special mirror-inverted format compared to regular MXMs...

I though something was wrong... Is the pinout inverted too?

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I know u guys have been off this topic for some time but i have the same problem and want to upgrade and i what i am getting stuck at is where the card's holes are for the screws. because i have been looking on ebay for card and found like two or three and everything looks right but the screw hole are making me double think it do u guys a answer for that.

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