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Dox driver competition


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I thought this would be fun to do.

The competition is creating a new theme to use for my installer.

Also a very very very be-lated thanks to Michael Marley and RatchetnClank for making images for me in the past.

1] The file you need to make is .jpg with size 497x362 (the background image for my installer)


2] Create a .ico file to use for my installer .exe size of 50x50/75x75 (the icon for my installer)

The theme can be anything you like:





your own theme you come up with


I'm hoping I can get many themes going so for example I can use the xmas theme for xmas driver release etc.


Size 497x362 only for the .jpg

Post as many themes as you like

watermark/signiture in the .jpg is allowed


You can choose ANY 1 driver for me to optimise for any OS

I will make the driver individualised for you, with tweaks specific to your laptop

You will also receive technical support for one week and I will upload new builds for you for that week to fix specific problems.


There will be more than 1 winner for this so get the themes in!!!

Closing date will be annouced a week before I decide to close it (whenever that comes :) )


17topqh9.th.jpg | captureaz7.th.jpg

The left pic is the background image and the right pic is when I add text and buttons to my installer.

I just want the background image.

Notice how the middle of the file is blank, this is so I can fit the text in my installer, important if you dont want your work covered with text in my installer.

POST YOUR ENTERIES HERE: http://forums.laptopvideo2go.com/index....showtopic=22861

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