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Same computer but i get 700points less in 3dmark06


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Asus x72vn or m70vn for some :)

Intel P8400

Nvidia 9650m gt 1gb

4gb ram

Vista 64bit

Tested on 3dmark06 basic locked version nothing changed, maaaany times tested

My points:

Driver 179.36

3dmark overall 4950points

Driver 185.20, 181.22, 181,20

3dmark overall 4650 points

Driver , 180.84

3dmark overall 4490points

Another persons score (same asus)

Driver 181.22

3dmark overall 5340points

He hasn´t done anything to the computer, more then the driver

I´ve tested to uninstall nvidia, driver sweep, but i can´t get any speed on the 18x drivers

Why???Any one?

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can be affected by the background process/apps running while you are benchmarking. check if you ain't got any junk wasting the processing power.

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most likely some stupid anti-virus program running ... you dont just need to shut them off , but you also need to shut off the whole process through device manager... if you are running vista then you will need to show every process as admin. so that should be it ... or maybe you have got some virus on your comp, malware,spyware . usually this problem is caused by spyware but that is a contraindication cuz if you are running a anti-virus software you shouldnt have any viruses of your comp.

Thx, Pistino01

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It doesn´t mather if i have my avg free antivirus on

I installed a fresh vista...hmm sunday

around 40 process on when restarted

The first program I installed was 3dmark06 then the driver 18x.xx

tested 4650 points, installed, i think 179.28 4950 points

Then i installed Avg and other programs, still around 4950 points

Installed another 18x.xx driver and I´m back to 4650 yeah and once down to 4490 :)

So i don´t think that´s the problem

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