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nHancer v2.4.5 is out - Advanced Control Panel and Profile Editor for nVidia cards


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Martin released today a new version of nHancer, an advanced Control Panel and Profile Editor for nVidia cards targeted to gamers and NVIDIA enthusiasts. Don't be confused with the name as LaptopVideo2Go also offers a tool called Enhancer which is unique, too, but a website-driven automatic INF creator.

For those new to modding and to get a clue what this NVIDIA Game Profile Enhancement tool "nHancer" is about, here's a short introduction:

nVidia's own control panel is not always very intuitive to use. Especially when looking at 3D rendering settings, it can be very cryptic and difficult to navigate. Even the new control panel introduced with the 9x.xx line of Forceware drivers wasn't a real improvements for these problems.

nHancer is a tool to improve the usage of these features. Both normal and advanced users should find nHancer to be a big step forward.

Additionally, nVidia drivers include a unique feature, that allows them to define profiles for every game, which control various image quality, compatibility and optimization aspects. But in the standard control panel, this feature is even more cryptic to use, so most people never bothered about it.

There will be another release soon to support the new features of the upcoming drivers.

This new version will work with Forceware 18x.xx series (and earlier releases) and has the following changes since v2.4.2:

  • Added the French translation made by QuarkZ. Thanks a lot QuarkZ!
  • Added detection for new chips.
  • Improved the application scanner, some applications not found previously are now detected correctly.
  • nHancer can be used while it?s scanning for applications. The result of the last scan is also saved.
  • When resizing nHancer?s window, the profile list will now automatically scale with the window while the description pane keeps its vertical size. Note than you can still resize the description pane freely by grapping the pane divider just above the description pane.
  • Bugfix: Closing nHancer right after it had been started could result in a 30 second delay until the process actually died.
  • Small bugfixes.

See Readme file for the detailed Changelog/ReleaseNotes.

The latest build is always available @ www.nHancer.com.

The complete manual is located over HERE.

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A side question. Why does this app take up so much memory? In my case nHancer occupies 20 - 50 MB or RAM.

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When could we expect 185.xx support?

Site says it supports more recent stuff. The post here should probably be updated to reflect that.

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That's right. I updated the first post.

Feature Overview

  • Support of Forceware/GeForce drivers version 60 and later, including the new 180+ versions
  • Support of all GeForce cards, including the new GeForce GTX 2x0 lines
  • Supports Windows Vista and DirectX 10
  • Support for single card, SLI, Quad-SLI and DirectX 10 SLI systems
  • On-the-fly control of all global quality and performance-enhancing settings for all games
  • Create and manage fully automated profiles for all your games
  • Very easy to use, explains all options and their effects, like Anti Aliasing, Anisotropic Filtering, etc.
  • Special options for nVidia's SLI feature, allowing you to to use almost every game with SLI even if nVidia doesn't support it
  • Offers additional Anti Aliasing and Anisotropic Filtering modes, that are not available through nVidia's control panel
  • Allows the modification of fixed settings included in nVidia's predefined profiles.
  • Flexible user interface: change the size of the window and all sub areas
  • User interface and help texts available in various languages (right now English, German, Polish and Italian)
  • Coexists perfectly with nVidia's own control panel and other tools, like aTuner or RivaTuner. nHancer will immediately detect any changes made by any other tool.

source: http://nHancer.com
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Hello Guys,

is the tool also suitable for a mobile GPU?

(I have a FG 9600M GT 512M DDR3 running DOX 181.22)

Thanks in advance!


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This is a misunderstanding. The tool is not compatible with your GPU, but with certain (most) drivers. The driver has be compatible with your GPU.

Most NVIDIA drivers though actually support all GPUs (UDA aka Unified Driver Architecture) but sometimes the INF limits it from using the driver on certain GPUs. That's why you use a modified INF which resolves this limitation.

So yes, nHancer will support your 9600M as long as you have a driver installed which recognizes your GPU.

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