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Back after some time... Can anybody tell me if i'm good with my current driver?


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Hello people,

I sure hope there is a nice guy/girl in here that can tell me if i'm good with the current driver or if i should change...

Currently i'm running witht he driver v174.93 XP 32bit (latest) from this forum here...

But my question is...

Are the 179/176/175 latest drivers better for my laptop??? In anyway?

Or should i go for Dox drivers?

Graphic card is a Geforce Go 7400 (128mb)...

Just want to have the best drivers... And maybe... Some drivers can fix the choppyness in Photoshop CS4 :S Everythings smooth except layer moving :)

Thx in advantage

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Yes, you should go with a more recent driver, Dox's custom ones are a good bet.

However, Photoshop "choppyness" will also be caused by lack of memory.

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Thx for all reply's :) Currently i am leaning towards Dox drivers :)

Any objections? I'm on Geforce go 7400 :P

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No, the dox drivers should work well.

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