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alcohol for thermal paste


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hai guy..

I have an Dell XPS 1530. I want to apply a new thermal paste to replace the old one. So i want to clean the thermal grease on the CPU and GPU.

The problem is i cannot find isopropyl alcohol and artic cleaner from my region. So i bought methylated spirit.


The link above show the picture of alcohol i bought from phamarcy, watson.The name of the alcohol is methylated spirit. The label state it contain 95% alcohol. So my question is:

1) Is this alcohol(methylated spirit) which contain 95 % alcohol can be used to clean the thermal grease?

2) Is any type of alcohol can be used to clean the thermal grease?

2) why using alcohol to clean the thermal grease is best way? don't have other alternative solution?

Thank in advance.

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Gee boon, you're not having much luck at all with your search for isopropyl alcohol. :)

Here's what Wiki has to say about that latest try of yours:

Denatured alcohol is ethanol which has been rendered toxic or otherwise undrinkable, and in some cases dyed. It is used for purposes such as fuel for spirit burners and camping stoves, and as a solvent. Traditionally, the main additive was 10% methanol, which gave rise to methylated spirits. There are diverse industrial uses for ethanol, and therefore literally hundreds of recipes for denaturing ethanol. Typical additives are methanol, isopropyl alcohol, acetone, methyl ethyl ketone, methyl isobutyl ketone, denatonium,[1] and even (uncommonly) aviation gasoline.

It's thus obviously not a good match for what you need! Maybe you should just try to get a little "naptha", i.e. cleaning gasoline or lighter fluid. It's VERY evaporative though, and burns in an instant. You might want to smear a test object with thermal paste, and see if your naptha or lighter fluid works properly before starting off on the whole project.

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hei guys,

today i woke up and opened my new methylated spirit.

I took an old and unused processor. Then i wet the cotton with mthylated spirit. Then i use that cotton to clean the remainder on the heat spreader of the CPU.

At last, everything was working fine.

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