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Very low performance on XPS M1530


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Hi there everyone,

recently I have moved all my "gameplay" from my pc to my notebook XPS M1530, which I owe for over a year now. Only now I noticed what big problems with performance I have. I get 3Dmark06 score of 2456 @ default settings and resolution 1280x768, which I guess is very low for this type of system. I am really concerned about the CPU score, the CPU benchmarks were running on 0-1 FPS. I have tried many versions of video drivers, from those provided by windows update, to DOX's 181 and 185. With DOX's drivers performance is better. So what could be your advice, what to do?

My spec:

Vista Home Premium 32bit,

T7500 CPU,

4GB of ram,

video 8600m GT.

Glad if you could help


EDIT: the screenshot of benchmarking results:



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The "GPU clock" appears to match with "Default clock".


But on this tab I see my clocks are very low:


Does the system decrease them automatically while in idle state?

But how about the CPU performance, is the score acceptable?

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It can do if powermizer is enabled.

That 3DMark CPU performance is acceptable, as it is part of the intensive test.

However your performance does seem on the low side. You need to check those clocks while it is being used after a while.

It is also worth getting the Hardware Monitor app on that list to check the GPU temps under the same circumstances.

What is your in game FPS etc like?

Also, have you installed the BIOS update on this page?:


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The clock speed increase after starting a game, to those default values.

To answer further questions:

Playing Fallout 3 @ 1280x800, all medium settings, no AA or AF I get 20-40 FPS, sometimes below 20 when in a kinda building. Also, temperature is about 100 C.. Is that normal?

Also, I have the latest bios, the A12 version.

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Your temp is too high.

There are various measures you can take to control that, from where and how it used, to cleaning inside it, changing the driver, undervolting, using cooling stands etc.

Even contacting Dell if necessary, with the information you now have.

If you use the forum search facility, you can see what has worked for other people in your position, and what 3DMark score you should expect.

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But I guess there has to be hardware reason to all this. Such things don't happen to regular, healthy systems. I have the same temperature when I connect my lappy to TV, and flip it over, upside-down, so that the air could flow better.

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It probably won't help by turning it upside down.

You should eliminate all possible causes before contacting Dell.

I have seen people happy with expected performance on systems very similar to your own with temps reaching 90 degrees.

However if it is getting to 100 degrees and not as performing as expected (your 3DMark score seems low, but there can be software reasons for that. Your Fallout performance doesnt seem that bad for your spec) and does not seem to be downclocking, then there are possibly other causes.

After taking measures to ensure that it is cooler (not turning it upside down) then you should optimize your system:



Also, what driver are you using?

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At the moment I'm using DOX's 185.20, but also I have tried many other ones. With this one performance seems to be the best. Maybe there could be any false settings in bios?

By the way, what is the meaning of this "tweaking", it is new to me. Is it really neccesary to take up with it?

Also, at same system like mine, I've seen a double score of CPU performance. I have already mentioned that the 3dmark06 CPU benchmark runs at 0 FPS, is that normal?



But this performance is still far from normal, if comapred to others.

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T7500 scores about 1960 points in 3DMark06. My uneducated guess is that the laptop somehow downclocks itselft, perhaps to prevent melting. In my Vostro, idle CPU temperature is around 40 deg. C, while GPU (8600m GT) is a tad above 50 (at 20 deg. room temperature). At maximum performance both reach about 70 deg. C.

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For the CPU, have you checked the power management setting ? (when clicking on the battery icon, next to the clock) , when it is on low performance mode, the cpu will have low score

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So, what I did today. I completely cleaned everything under the seatsink, added new thermal compound. And now, at maximum performance I hardly get temperatures like 90 C. Now the score is about 4300. So I guess the problem is solved? Or is is still possible to improve something?

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