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The best ATi driver for your notebook: Catalyst 9.1?


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The best ATi driver for your notebook or Catalyst 9.1 vs. the old generation.

Two days ago, AMD launched the first official driver from the new 9.x generation after, on the 10th of December, the last version of the 8.x generation was being launched.

The new driver generation was something expected, taking into consideration that AMD Ati have made a habit out of launching a new driver version monthly, intuitively named (the one launched in December was named 8.12 and the one launched this month...as you can probably guess, 9.1).

Our test is the Ati version of this article, thus a comparative test of Catalyst drivers, for notebooks. "How is the new driver compared to the old one" or "How to choose the adequate/right driver for your mobile Radeon"? You choose the title.


From the point of view of a mobile user which possesses a notebook with a Ati mGPU... we cannot talk about performance improvements. Thus, if this aspect bothers you, we recommend that you stick with the old Catalyst version for a little more time, because the OpenGL support doesn't justify itself, taking into consideration that very few games use this graphical API.

What it brings for less mobile users, which possess 4xx0 generation boards... we shall see in a future article which will feature the behavior of the new driver using the HD 4870 graphical board, in single and dual configuration.

For the entire article and the benchmark results... click here or onto the picture.

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I will bring this article to the attention of my buddy who uses ATi gpus. Thank you.

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