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Each time i log in here i find new drivers like Forceware 17xxxx, Forceware 18xxx, Dox Optimized so i would like to know what are the differences, which should i choose, which is better?

Thanks in advance.

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TRY IT !!! One of the best drivers !!! :)

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why dont people ever, ever, EVER read the goddamn faqs and quickstart guides and always ask such questions that hundreds have asked before when the answer is in the faqs/guides

almost 10 out of 20 new threads ask questions like, WHICH IS THE BEST DRIVER FOR MY CARD.

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Dox makes customized drivers himself with custom INF modifications.

Go read his driver topics to learn about his tweaks.

As for 17x vs 18x, etc, Nvidia develops multiple driver series at the same time.

They develop beta drivers geared towards stuff like Windows 7 (185.20 fits here).

They also develop desktop and laptop driver lines.

I don't keep up with which series are laptop/desktop geared but I think the 177 series was desktop oriented, and the 179 series was laptop oriented. Or something like that. (I could be wrong though)

Dox and others like him that select which drivers to mod, generally pick stable drivers with good game performance/compatibility.

So any driver he mods is probably a good driver to try if its recent. (even if you don't use his version of it)

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Don't worry Guest_zzz_* i have read that forum. I have asked here because i didn't found an answer. Is that clear now? U better dont spam forums with your messages ever ever ever...

And thanks for other members who had time to answer.

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