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8600M GT (2 GPU) SLI with 512MB but show only 256MB


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I've read a lot thread in this forum ( may be not much enough ) and I can't find if someone has the same problem with me . My laptop is Toshiba Satellite X205-SLI 2 with

cpu : T8100 2.1GHZ *2

ram : 2GB

HDD : 320GB

VGA : two 8600M GT run in SLI mode with 512 MB GDDR3 in total, each card has 256MB GDDR3

The problem is the 512 MB ram of two 8600M GT cards. In window and games, it just shows that there is 256 dedicated memory , 767 MB shared of ram ,so when I play GTA 4 , there is just 238MB of VGA for the games , why is it not 512MB ?

Can someone tell me how to help window and games recognize all 512MB of 2 graphic cards , for example GTA 4 so that the games can take full advantage of that all 512MB from 2 cards.

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What drivers are using now ?

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the way it works with these is that you have 256x2, you do utilize all of the memory, as long as you have sli enabled. games may not "see" it, but they do use it. on a side note, i have this same system, and it is ok for games, but not at all what i expected it would be when i got it. the new qosmio x305-q706 is much better for the price. i have one of theses as well and am much happier (tho not completely, hybrid sli is still kinda funky)

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