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Hello all of u!

Is about five month i got my new notebook a Toshiba A300-1GC.As soon as i got it i install on it Widows xp pro (just because i hate Vista but is my personal opinion,please dont kill me :) ).

As router on my desktop station i use a Netgear DG834GIT i know is a quite good router/modem wireless (olso if on a short time i'm planing to get a DGNB2100).So,on the notebook i have noticed a wifi signal very week and often the signal was going up/down i meane was maximun/minimum.

On this forum i got the drivers http://files.laptopvideo2go.com/wlan/ather...1.170_v1.21.exe and with this drivers the story of the sognal seames to be bettar olso if in my home (is about 170 mq),the signal is still not so strong taht is why i'm planing to buy another router as i wrote befoare.

My question is (a sthe final! :P )...whay do u think about Atheros drivers are they good?Allmost people tell me taht are one of the best drvers/hardware taht there is and...witch driover u think i can try to fix the cover range of power of the wifi of my notebook?

Do u think is bettar to keep the one i'm useng ig but chamgeing the router i will be able to sort everything out or u think i olso neade to upgarde the drivers with other maybe mutch beattre rispect the one i'm useing at the moment?

Let me know what do u think!

Thank's in advance helping me and sorry about my English writeng but as u understand is not my mother language .

Best reagards :unsure:



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