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Same old: compal locked 8600M GT


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Hey all, I've been reading the boards for a while now, thought I'd post up my own issues. I've been trying to overlock my 8600 GT for a while now; full specs of my computer:

Compal FL92

aka "PowerPro 11:15"

T8100 Core 2 Duo at 2.1Ghz

3 Gigs RAM

8600M GT 512MB DDR2 (clocks: 475 core/400 mem)

Western Digital 320Gig 7200rpm

1680X1050 native res

Bios version: 1.16

Windows XP SP3

Current drivers: 181.22 DOX

Drivers I've tried:

(1st paren: 3dMark06 no overclock standard/shareware version settings)

(2nd paren: FPS Crysis Benchmark 1.05 all settings "high" 1152x864 no AA 2x runs)

(3rd paren:Crysis max temps)







174.40 (3404) (10.7) (81 C)

174.74 (3411) (10.7) (78 C)

175.63 (3421) (crash) (crash)


178.13 (3488) (10.3) (81 C)

178.46 (3479) (10.3) (81 C)


180.84 (unknown) (crash) (crash)


185.2 (3498) (10.4) (82 C)

180.44 DOX (3418) (10.4) (82 C)

181.22 DOX (3505) (10.5) (81 C)

185.2 DOX (unknown) (crash) (crash)

Rivatuner 2.22 detects the clock frequencies fine for all of these drivers, and lets me move the sliders around, and even hit "apply"; but of course as soon as I close out and reopen rivatuner the clocks have been reset.

With 181.22 DOX I've been able to use nTune to overclock up to 568 core / 482 mem, but I have 2 complaints:

1) above these settings the mandatory GPU test fails and it so it won't let me clock higher without forcing the card to run a step down

2) I can't play with the shader clock speeds

3) (minor) the fan controls are locked for some reason

*edit* - nTune version is: nTune Windows XP International

On the boards I've seen people with compal fl90/92s do crazy things with OC, and I'd love to do those, too. Any chance someone might be able to:

1) help me overclock using rivatuner in ANY way (do I have the wrong BIOS version, or something?)

2) help me get a version of nTunes which will somehow allow me to move beyond my problems (I saw a screen capture of someone on the forums who was clearly using nTune and it was letting them access shader clock speed)

My 181.22 DOX OC 3dMark06 and Crysis Benchmark FPS and temps are (same settings as drivers tests):

(1st paren: core clock)

(2nd paren: mem clock)

3685 11.11 81C (500) (426)

none 11.65 83C (525) (545)

none 12.06 83C (543) (463)

none 12.30 83C (556) (473)

4151 12.68 83C (568) (482)

none 12.68 83C (586) (482) <-- interesting, no performance increase

Thanks in advance!!!!

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And... downloaded Rivatuner 2.06 on a whim and it works like a charm. Test run:

core: 500

shaders: 1000

mem: 440

drivers: 181.22 DOX

3Dmark06: 3771

funny thing is, GPU-Z is "correctly" reporting my increased speeds, but I recorded "actual" clock speeds with rivatuner while running 3dmark06 as:

core: 540

shaders: 1080

mem: altenately: 440 and 799


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I can only add - I don't have any problems using the newest Rivatuner to overclock (using rivatuner daemon), but I can't update my bios... And have you ever had problems with random downclocking?

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Yep, having problems with random downclocking right now, except that it's not random in the sense that when I had nTune installed my card would downclock when I used rivatuner to set my memory clock over 482. I uninstalled nTune and now my card/rivatuner will let me clock over 482, the only problem is I get nasty artifacts within the first 5 seconds of 3dmark06. I'm not sure why I'm getting artifacts at such a "low" OC; I'm thinking it might have something to do with the ratio of the core clock to memory clock?

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Hmm I'm currently using Rivatuner to overclock. Maybe trying different OC program will give me ability to overclock normally? But is it anything even equal to rivatuner in performance?

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Trying to use a different OC program to overclock seems completely legit, since I went from rivatuner 2.22 to 2.06 and that allowed me to overclock using rivatuner; on the other hand - using 181.22 DOX and 185.2 I was able to overclock past 482 mem clock without suffering a step-down problem (but incuring an artifact problem), but when I tried 178.13 and normal 181.22 the step-down (in clock frequencies) occured. So my hypothesis would be that the down-clocking/step-down would happen more depending on your drivers than on your OC program. I would uninstall nTune, however, no matter what (if your not using nTune to OC).

In terms of OC programs, rivatuner seems good performance-wise only really in the sense that it:

1) holds out for me the notion that I can OC past 482 mem without artifacts (nTune won't let me without downclocking my entire GPU so it's a complete waste to try with nTune)

2) it has a seperate clock slider for shaders (my version of nTunes doesn't offer that)

Hope this makes sense.

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