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GTA4 7950GTX LAPTOP Help PLeaaaaseee!

Guest WiShKaH

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Guest WiShKaH

hello there! i've just purchased gta 4 and after aaagesss managed to get the game installed.

i've got the exact issues cited in this official support document,



There is a bug in the current Nvidia Forceware drivers for 7900 series cards that keeps the game from rendering beyond the far plane as show in the image below. NVidia is working on releasing a new driver as soon as possible. Please contact NVidia support for more information, check out the GTA forums for current driver discussions, and check the Rockstar support page frequently "

in short, there is a driver update which allows the game to render more than 3 metres ahead of you for my 7900 series card! BUT these listed drivers don't work because, and i assume this is correct from net reading, i've got a laptop graphics card.

from my time browsing this site there is no recent laptop drivers (all predate game release). Rockstar hotline were no help and nvdia don't actually have a number you can call...and dell.....well i usually cannot understand their foreign call centres.

I play on a XPS 1710 latop

2.16 duelcore intel cpu

2 gig ram

gforce 7950gtx card.

any drivers found or users with past resoveled issues, or anyone who has any idea what to do. Help is much appriciated.

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Dox's drivers seem the best for me - I've got pretty much the same setup.

Either Dox's 180.84 or 181.22.1 (these are the ones I'm using at the moment) will give you proper graphics rendering in GTAIV. With the new GTA IV patch, I'm actually playing it in 1280x800 resolution, with everything on low.

If only I could get my company to stump up for one of those Covet M6400's with a quad-core CPU, I'd be rocking! :)

Hope that helps!

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Guest WiSHKaH

Hi daniel, thanks for the quick response. the drivers are currently on downlaod and i shall post the reselts (and register properly) in the morning

Your avatar info suggests we have the same laptop (or close)

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i'm having the same problem.

the drivers you mentioned do work, but not great as they should be.

framedrops here and there even on everything low.

i have a xps 1710,2.16Ghz,4gigRAM

it should be at least playable on medium imo.

its olmost 3 months that a 180 driver came out for the xps users i'm wondering if Nvidea forgot about us :s

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According to the "vibe" as it were, GTA IV is heavily CPU as well as GPU dependent. A lot of the slowdowns are possibly due to CPU bottlenecks (especially when there's lots of people running about / police chasing you etc). Hence my desire for a lovely quad-core laptop :)

I'm just happy I can play the flaming thing at all. I'm getting framerates of around 20fps out on the street and about 35 in the safe house when you first load up... that's forced into dx9 mode. It seems to run well for about an hour or so, then it *does* start to get a bit choppy. Keeps me from overstaying my welcome in Liberty City, I suppose.

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Guest wishkah

the game works! woohoo!!!

but i've got no map or shinny-park your car in" areas.

is it worth updating to the newest driver dox offers? Dan, you offer the 2nd and 3rd. Any ideas on either front?

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The "map disappearing" "feature" seems to happen to me if you alt-tab away and then back to the game, or sometimes when it switches resolutions (like for example if you do the benchmark).

Press Esc to go into the menu (which you won't see), press left twice (this is the Graphics menu), press ENTER (which moves you to the screen resolution option), press right once, then ENTER again. The game will switch to the new resolution, which should fix the overlay graphics; press Esc to switch back to your old settings and the graphics should still work.

You could also try putting a file in your GTA Directory called "commandline.txt" with the following text in:

-DX9 /high

which (apparently) forces the game to run in directX 9 mode and at high priority... it did seem to improve speed a bit. There are other options you can stick in... I've been fiddling with it for a bit and mine now reads:

-nomemrestrict -norestrictions -novblank -percentvidmem 100 -DX9 /high -minspecaudio

But to be honest, I don't know how much of that is really useful; turning off vsync when you're hitting 35 fps tops is a laugh, I suppose. Gets up to 3 to 4 thousand fps when loading though. If only the game was that smooth :)

Good luck!

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Guest wishkah

the map thing is really annoying me now. and the fps is too s*** to play really. its not just going well.

have u tried the latest drivers Dan, later than the two you suggested. thanks again for your help

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I've not tried anything after 181.22, I got bored of uninstalling, running driver sweeper and reinstalling :)

Give it a shot. It can't get much worse.

I never have the map problem unless I switch away from the game and back to the desktop, and then back to the game, so I'm not sure what else to suggest.

You are running the latest game patch version I assume? Performance improved markedly with that.

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I've got the Dell XPS M1710, too. The latest working driver for the Go 7950 GTX that I found was the 179.48 for Vista 32. How did you install the other driver (that doesn't want to be installed, because it's not for my graphic card)? I heard about that you have to replace one file, but I don't know how!

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