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geforce 7000m/610m problems


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hi guys!

first off, just wanted to say this forum is pretty cool, ive learned alot over the last couple of days and wanted to say you guys have something nice here!!! :)

anyways here is my problem, i have a Compaq presario F700 (F756NR) which has a geforce 7000m/610m chipset, 175.80 vista64, 4gb ram and vista ult 64bit. the problem being that my 3dmark06 score just plain sux! i know i dont have a "good" pc but... i get, after overclocking the gpu from 350 to 550mhz (the temps dont go above 74C with the coolingpad) a 400 score on 3dmark06... ive seen people with this gpu getting 4-6k... i dont know what im doing wrong... bios is set to 128mb...

maybe you guys can help me out!

thanks in advance!


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Where have you seen a 7000M get a 4-6k score on 3DMark06?

You could get 4K on 3DMark01.

Andrew is the expert here to ask about getting the most out of that particular GPU, but you should have realistic expectations.

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OK, well first off, 4-6K in 3dmark06 as Galdere stated is absolutely impossible with this card (unless you live in the Arctic Circle and polar bears overclock your card to ridiculous speeds). 400, believe it or not is a 'good' score for this card. The best drivers for this card is 177.92 so maybe that will push your score up by maybe 50-60 points.

Incidentally, I get about 2000 3dmark03 points on this,

But, simply put, if you wanted to play Crysis on this machine.... I sympathise with you.

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No benchmarks for 7000 /3DMark06 on ORB. 7100 has the highest figure at 480. That's it.

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