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I need some help, im a total noob btw. I've borrowed crysis warhead from my mate, and wanna try it out on my macbook pro (2.53GHz, 4GBram, 9600GT w. 512MBram, and so on...).

I've installed vista home with SP1 with bootcamp.

But i need some help with what driver works for my graphic card with Crysis Warhead, and which versino of direct x and so on.

Thank you in advance, and i really hope someone can help :)

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The idea is to read about it first and try things out.

People don't rush to respond to what is in the Quick Start Guide, the FAQ and has been answered over and over again, for all to see.

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I am not a noob and i am having a similar problem. Here is my story. I have a mac book pro 2007. One day my computer decided to have graphic problems. So i take it in thinking it is a video card problem because of the known issue with my model. They did diagnostic testing. Video card was fine, turned out that it was actually the LCD panel that was the problem and they wanted 600 bucks to install a new one for me, Um no! not gonna pay that when i can do it myself. Bought a new Lcd for 150 bucks off ebay installed the new LCD everything is working fine for the first few days. Now suddenly i am having a problems with video game graphics. clarify...only during gaming no other graphic problems. Now my problem is ...is it a faulty screen or a software issue?

The operating system has a built in software updater. i have been reading on the contents of these downloads and it is not clear if the dowloads include graphic card drivers or not. From many of the forums i have read it appears that Nvidia does not provide drivers for macbooks... or at least this model the search for drivers is not provided. Im sure there might be more details im leaving out which i have already tried to explore with my troubleshooting i just cant think of it at the moment. It does seem that bud just needs to learn how to use his computer but in some cases silly questions might be rare problems like myself.

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