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GeForce 8600M GS,wanting to flash BIOS to GeForce 8600M GT?

Guest Fatal1ty

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Don't think so, becouse 8600GT got chip G84, and 8600GS got G86 chip, which means that they are diffrent, so propably, it doesn't make affect, and for sure, your card wouldn't work properly... you can try, but first read how to do that, and how to replace for old bios when something goes wrong.

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you don't want to do that, but if you just want to use 8600m gt driver, replace the config line for 8600m gt to the GS ones will do

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For god's sake, DON'T!!

You can't use a BIOS change to turn an 8600M GS into a GT - although the model names differ by only one letter, they are on entirely different cores (G84 vs. G86). One cannot become the other.

If you do this, I guarantee you'll be looking at a black screen when you boot up next.

If you want an 8600M GT so badly, go buy and install one - the Acer Aspire 5520G uses MXM cards, and similar models (the 4520G, 5720G, 5920G) have all been upgraded successfully.

Go take a look over here for pricing and tutorials: http://mxmvideoquest.com/where2buy.html

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Why change the graphics card (too expensive), probably better to buy something later, for many people it is black magic then become meaningless unless the objective. :)

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