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Recommended driver for WoW: WotLK?

Guest oneeyedhobbit

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Guest oneeyedhobbit


Recently my desktop died on me, so until I can figure out what happened there I am pulling out my old Dell Inspiron 5150 with a Nvidia Geforce FX 5200 GO 64mb vid card. When I started WoW, I was running at a lovely 4fps =(. Needless to say this made the enjoyable aspects of the game untenable. I remember playing vanilla WoW and BC on this laptop, but for some reason Wrath is crushing me. Would anyone be able to recommend a driver for me?

I put a premium on performance and stability over quality. With that in mind, I had tried to install the two latest drivers (180.25 and 180.20 if I recall the numbers correctly), and used the but was greeted with errors telling me that my hardware adaptor could not be started =(. I used the INF Enhancer to create an INF tweaked for performance and enabling Side Band Addressing, Thermal Scale, and Coolbits--I remember reading in the past that the 5150s supported SBA, and saw some Benchmarks performing very well with only light overclocking. Should I just be ignoring those and using the modded INFs that come paired with the drivers, or should I be looking for a different driver all-together.

As I said, I'm really not looking for glitzy graphics, as performance trumps quality. All I would ask would be a modicum of spell detail for avoiding area of affect spells and effects in pvp, and not standing in the fire when I raid ^.^

Perhaps I'm simply asking too much. I just recall LV2G enabling me to enjoy KotoR on my old laptop when it had been nigh unplayable, so here's hoping you have another miracle in you!



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Same question.

I have a laptop Clevo M509K whit 2 go 7800 gtx but can't enable SLi because i don't find perfect new driver, i play wow whit all effect to 0,and AA 1x, anisotropic disabled, v-sync disabled at 1680x1050 in max windowed mode, because i need fluid interaction whit multi thread and whit synergy2 can permit me control other pc from laptop during play the same, but at dalaran(city) and in raid 25 play 6-17 fps.

Using this driver:

Chipset nforce4 (ck804) nvidia nforce driver 15.23

2 not in SLi geforce go 7800 gtx, Acer driver 176.88 downloaded from here (laptop2go)

i'm using nhancer for change in the fly some option for testing reaction from the driver, but i can't enable SLi.

..and process and windows service is optimized, only 13 process whit ventrilo and sysnergy2 at session!

sorry for me bad english :)

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Here you have a link to a driver's DOX - should work with your card without problems !!!


Let us know SLI should work smoothly, far from working with me

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I also play WoW and might give you some usefull tips on how to improve FPS.

I'm using Dox's 180.84 drivers which are working best for my laptop. But I noticed some options Blizzard included like ''tripple filtering'' , ''vertical sync'' and reducing lag from UI which should improve the FPS, really slows WoW down.

Went from 20 FPS in Naxx raids on boss encounters to 90-100 FPS. Also, you are a old skool WoW player just like me, and I guess you know this by now, but don't play with too many addons enabled.


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Tnx for reply,

yes i have try DOX Optimized 180.84.1, yes i have the choise to select any SLi Option on nHancer, but can't enable it, but and see increment 2-3 fps generally..

Today i have try 179.48 for notebook nVidia relase , and apparently maybe is the way, but can't see any option on nHancer abaut SLi, and can't enable it.

Generally whit driver for desktop whit modded inf, i see spike hardware lag, whit 178.48 i never today see spike, is very fluid interaction..

and.. generally i use some ace3 addons.

(ari)sorry for me bad english!

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