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is my card OCd?


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ok I was checking my battery performance in PC Wizard and I decided to give the graphics card info a look and i was suprised to see

GPU Frequency : 513 MHz

Shader Clock : 1188 MHz

Memory Frequency GPU : 702 MHz

it also says

nForceware Configuration :

Standard 2D : GPU: 169 MHz - Memory: 100 MHz

3D Performance : GPU: 475 MHz - Memory: 702 MHz

3D Low Power : GPU: 275 MHz - Memory: 301 MHz

and GPU-Z shows GPU Core Clock 475.0 MHz and GPU Memory Clock 702.0 MHz in the Sensors tab

GPU Clock 475 MHz

Memory 702 MHz

shader 950 MHz

all of them equall the default values

I haven't tried oveclocking cuz my laptop runs fairly hot anyways (today HWMonitor said my GPU reached 92 degrees celsium while I was playing L4D with an external fan that really works and gets my temps like 8-10 degrees lower than usual(I think thats when my fps dropped suddenly but i'm not sure))

So my question is:

Is my Nvidia 8600M GT 256MB DDR3 card overclocked or not?

If it isn't ... what do the weird higher values mean?

And if it is ... what can I do to make it go back to the default values.

I'm using Dox's Optimised Forceware 181.22:Performance

Thanks in advance for any answers to my questions.

I'm sorry if this topic is for the Overclocking part of the forum. I posted it without checking. Can somebody move it there if it doesn't belong here please :)

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Your card is not overclocked. The Higher values are your standard clock speeds. The lower values are 2D Mode clock speeds and low 3D power mode clock speeds, which are used wen ur GPU is idling.

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thank you very much

i got afraid when i set my eyes on the higher values

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