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9500M GE


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just planning to buy XPS 13 with the 256 mb 9500M GE. As far as i have read all the reviews, the card is not bad and performs well.

But i want to ask all those ppl here who have used this card. How does it perform for you?

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I believe that only owners of the Studio XPS 13 will be able to answer that because the card is unique to Dell. Best thing to do is to check the laptop's benchmark results.

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Guest tsunami2265

well, i saw the benchmark results at notbookcheck.net and im pretty convinced that 9500M is not a bad thing after all. Like it could play well Doom3 on ultra reaching till 50 fps and scoring 3442 points in 3dmark 06 and 5882 in 3dmark 05. I think ill be able to play crysis on hi details with 800*600 res with a lil bit of overclocking....

and im not very hingry for crysis type apps, my sole purpose to buy a new lappy is for the upcoming TW series(empire) which im pretty sure ill be able to handle it

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Personally, I wouldn't want to play a busy RTS like Empire on a 13.3" screen.

That has a good CPU, but you could get a 17", with better graphics and a 7200 RPM HD for the same money.

Depends how much it being that small matters to you.

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