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No games GeForce 8600M GS


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I had a weired bug where all the edges of open windows started to draw pixels on the my screen. (And colours were mixed up).

So I didn't really thought about 'just' restarting my computer, but just upgrade my video cart driver right away. (Stupid mistake).

I never experienced that bug before, and it would probably just have gona as soon as I restarted my laptop.

Well I wanted to install a Video2Laptop driver, witch worked (even without switching the inf-file out) it was the latest version with Geforce 8600M GS in the inf file.

(180.5 I think or so) Everything worked fine except every game. Everything else: playing movies, programs.

When I play games I get a Blue Screen (so driver causes an error)

My stats:

Dv9700 (Pavilion HP)


Geforce 8600M GS

Windows XP Sp3

Well I'm going to reset my windows again to Vista (witch was the original OS) and get the drivers from the product site (HP has on his site: Geforce drivers for Vista and not for XP!).

But I can only get my DvD at the end of this week, and just for the fun of it, maybe there is a way to solve it.

(Btw I tried a DNA-driver and that worked, but it was so old that my newer games lagged alot, witch the normally dont).

So any ideas what drives? And Is it rlly the drivers fault can't imagine.

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yeah man, just try another driver from here. 179.28 (mobile authentic driver/ or 18* series drivers with the inf files)

dont worry about changing the OS... although i do feel vista is better than XP. Others may or may not agree.

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Ok I'll try that one. Just didn't know what to use. I mean there like a 100 different possible drivers to chose from, kinda hard to install ALL of them.

I'll keep you informed.

Btw: is it better if the Hardware Id matches exactly in the drivers List? (No problems with installing XP drivers on my XP os but..)

ID= DEV_0425&SUBSYS_30CC103

(Cause it only matches with 8600M GS Hardware Id's from Vista drivers!, maybe just because this system had orinally Vista on it.)

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The driver doesn't work still getting BSOD. When I try to play any game.

BSOD error code: 0x000000EA (0X8A24D4F0, 0x899BJB30, 0xB84F7CBC, 0x0000001)

File causing error: nv4_disp

Back to vista then I guess...

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I installed vista and noticed that I couldn't start vista if I had drivers different then the VGA one (Even the one from the HP site!). So I went back to the shop and in two weeks we will know if my graphic card was bad.

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type in the error code and do a few searched on this site. I didn't do any searching but just from memory i think that Hex code is a software/driver conflict. Might have just had to format your drive before you reinstall.

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