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gn-wi06n-rh wireless issues

Guest Aaron

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Guys I'm having crazy issues with my Atheros 5008x (wi06n)... At this point I don't know if its vista or my card. Recently I have had trouble reconnecting to my wireless network. One moment im connected to my network (Dlink dir-655 router) and the next minute I'm disconnected and vista will not let me reconnect until I delete the saved wireless network connection settings and then reconnect to it. I thought it was my card (im using the newest drivers that were just posted) so I bought the Dell 1505 (recommended by mobilenvidia) but the range is TERRIBLE with that card.

I've tried just about every driver and modified driver in the sticky to try and resolve the problem but it just keeps happening. In case it matters I am using a Dell XPS M1710 laptop. Is there anything you guys can recommend I try?

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Hi Aaron, I've just emailed you some instructions, the guys at OcfordTEC feel really concerned at your case.

I hope that helps your case.

In case others are also in the same boat here goes what I do to remedy the install problem.

Here is what I do to get the driver working:

Place the card in the slot.

Turn notebook on, as soon as the machine begins to boot (past BIOS splash screen) to XP Press FN+F2, this will disable the WIFI radio.

In windows the LED should be off.

Now with the radio off the Notebook won't crash while you install the driver.

If the found new device pops up, point it to the modded driver location and let it install.

Once installed you should be able to press FN+F2 again and enable the radio

The LED should come on and stay solid, will fash once a connection is made to a router.

Should the above not work then you've tried everything under the sun to make it so (looking at your list below)

The Atheros AR5008 is still the fastest card out there, a bit hard to get going, but once it is it, can't really fault it.

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The is Aaron BTW:

My intial problem I think is a windows problem.... Now my issue is a parity error problem. I have never had a problem til recently until I changed my drivers trying to fix the issue with me connecting to my wireless internet. NOW that I have changed to the latest drivers I keep blue screening and its giving me the parity error BSOD.

I have tried using the modified drivers but once I load those, my wireless doesn't pick up ANY wireless networks....

Mobilenvidia, was there a significant change in your modified drivers recently? The reason I ask is that it seems the old drivers work for me but once I get to a certain version number on your drivers, the wireless card will not pick up ANY wireless networks.

Also, I have read forums where you thought the Dell 1505 wireless card is great. Do you have any modified drivers for that card that will increase the range? Because that is my only issue with that card.

Thank in advance for the help.

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Grab the INF from driver you used with v1.17 ( ?)

Now copy this inf into a newer driver (replacing it's INF)

Install this driver, the INF will install the newer System file and you should have a fully working driver like before with previous v1.17

As for Dell WLAN 1500, this was my first venture into 11n.

It's a good card but not very tweakable.

Now the Ralink cards are great cards.

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