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WLAN Card / Extra Antenna installation


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Just finished this guide to upgrading a Notebook WLAN and/or Antenna.

The guide assumes you have some knowledge, but pretty pictures and lots of words should hopefully make this a painless job.

It's also a good way to see what makes your Notebook tick and depending how much you pull apart a good change to blow any dust out.

Here is a snippet, too big to put here but the whole Guide can be found over here (forum Version) or here (Blog version)

Feel free to comment to make it a better guide as I can update it anytime.

To put the new card back in do the reverse of the removal.

Place the card with the socket end in first then lower the back down while slightly pushing the card towards the socket end.

The 2 clips should hold the card down (or 2 screws in some cases)

MAKE SURE the card is in straight.


The above is what the ends of the antenna's look like that go onto the sockets on the WLAN card.

Now if your machine came with 3 antenna's already hook them up carefully by pushing down straight:

White cable goes to pin 1 (left)

Black cable goes to pin 2 (right)

Grey cable goes to pin 3 (middle), a new antenna will be black with a gold connector and this goes on pin 3 as well.

I try to keep the metal antenna connectors away from the metal clips that hold the card in, as the signal will conduct along the metal clip and any antenna connectors and not travel up the antenna, giving poor performance.

If you have only 2 antenna's and bought another then, you need to find a place to put it (them)

Probably the best option and safest is to use the WLAN bay it self, the metal plate of the WLAN cover will stop any signal from coming below the machine but the top of the machine should let all them radio waves right in.

In the case of the i9400/E1705 there is plenty of room to wrap the wire around the modem and place the aerial at bottom of the bay.


If you haven't enough room in the WLAN bay then you need to consider going into the lid hinge of under the keyboard, as a 2nd best option.

This will mean removing in most cases the laptops Bezel (cover above the keyboard)

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I have RF-in port in my compal ifl90 for tv card, but i dont own a tv card so. Is it possible to connect the port with wireless card. If i plug an antenna in rf port, can it increase my wireless performance.

Sorry for my english.


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