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Please post or guide for Modded INF Nvidia 9200M GS


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Hello Everyone ,

After stumbling here and there for a cure for the substandard performance Mobile Nvidia 9200M GS in Laptop HP Pavilion Dv5T , I did come to this forum and found out I was able to install v185.20, although there is no modded INF file which support my card. For this I used and initially installed v180.70 with its modded INF file, which worked up pretty ok without any hitches but did not improve performance. Then I simply installed v185.20 without its modded INF file.

Things are pretty fast after installation, and the whole choppy webpage scrolling and slow Vista Aero animations were smooth now, which are by far my biggest problems and source of anger with such a powerful video card. Although I did wonder that why were these below par performance issues with the standard supplied drivers , both from HP and NVidia support websites. Have read on a couple of others forums that this is a problem with other users sporadically as well.

However i have this problem now that whenever from the desktop or the control panel , I call up the "Personalize" option or the NVidia Control Panel, the windows shows an error message of Application Crash , and opens these windows after repeating the messeage for a couple of times. I did check this by uninstalling v185.20 and re-installing v180.70 when both these display options start working correctly without any application crash message.

The help I would require is that please guide me a way to use 185.20 drivers without any crashes, since they really do improve video performance by far.

Any ideas/suggestions would be welcome. If any then please specify exact steps to insert and create my own Modded INF file.

I am using:

HP Pavilion Dv-5t

4GB system RAM

Nvidia 9200M GS

256MB Graphics RAM

Windows Vista Ultimate 32 Bit

Device Hardware ID (in Device Manager ) is PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_06E8&SUBSYS_3603103C&REV_A1

Thanks and Regards.


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