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Toshiba Multimedia Center USB Hub Vista Drivers


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Can anyone please help this techno idiot. I have a Satellite Laptop and I don't know a great deal about computer systems etc, I know how to use them and that's it. I am looking for Vista Home Premium Drivers for the "Toshiba Multimedia Center USB Hub" I have been everywhere to try and find them, Toshiba, Creative (They produce this product) and various other forums and everyone seems to be coming up with fixes and suggestions which I have tried, but to no avail!

I bought a Philips 5.1 surround system thinking great, surround sound, but no, so I purchased this Multimedia Center which Toshiba recommends Vista Home Premium and does it work no!

Does anyone have any suggestions that may work, your help on this would be greatly appreciated as I have been working to resolve this now for the past 3 days!!

Cheers and thanks in advance for help!

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How come you didn't get a CD with drivers with it?

Anyway, you could try this:

Download Creative's Sound Blaster External 24 bit driver for Vista:


Extract it.

Edit the .inf, changing any 3040 to 3048.

In safe mode, go into control panel>device manager>sound...>properties of the "USB Soundcard">update the driver with the have disk method.

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Hi There, thanks for the response! (I did get a disk with it, but it won't install correct drivers) I did what you had said, but it is still not working. It says it has a (Code 10) error. I know this is asking a lot, but would you know how to fix this????

Thank you in advance!!!

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You changed all six instances of 3040 in the drivers/driver/winvista/bin/KsAud.inf?

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Yes I did. I did a find and replace all with 3048. This is so annoying!!!!!!!!!!!

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Is it being powered separately?

Are you using the correct USB port for connecting it?

Does it say "USB Soundcard" in device manager?

Have you tried it on another computer?

Are your laptop's drivers up to date? (Link below and also on this site)


If you got a CD with it, have you tried the have disk method or using the inf from it? What is the problem with those drivers?

I've seen a suggestion that you should install this first:


Looks like there isn't Vista support for that device, but it is possible to make it work.

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