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modifying EDID loses HDMI Sound


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Hi all,

I have modified my EDID so my tv connected via HDMI will display correct resolution

however when i do this i lose sound through the HDMI cable

the sound is NVDIA HDMI Output

anyone have any ideas?


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If your TV is built correctly to the HDMI spec and you have updated nvidia drivers you shouldn't need to adjust the EDID of the HDMI output.

There is a force HDTV mode for DVI/HDMI that will let you run standard 480p/720p/1080p.

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well it does work as plug and play but the tv can only display 1280x768 without modding the edid

the tv should be able to display 1440x900 which is what it says in tvs hand book but if i change it to 1440x900 the tv says mode cannot be supported

then if i change the edid i get 1440x900 display but no sound

the tv is a samsung and the laptop is a samsung with 9200M GS in it

i just dont understand how it works really, can you explain it to me?


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My guess is that you're running into the new DRM that's built into the HDMI spec. You will only get the full benefit of HDMI with an unmodified WHQL driver. As soon as we touch the inf, it breaks WHQL and a lot of HDMI features stop working.

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ah right what is DRM and WHQL?

what would be the suspected resolution to get the 1440x900 and the sound or wouldnt there be one, just have to choose one or the other?

Thanks for your reply :)

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It shouldn't have to do with the DRM.

Your just running s/pdif output over HDMI right?

My guess is when he turns on the manual timing it changes from HDMI mode to DVI mode and the sound doesn't work.

This could be a driver limitation since the feature is so new for nvidia cards.

If it was a DRM problem what you would see is a refusal of say powerdvd to output bitstream/Dolby True HD/DTS HD over HDMI. It would still output dobly digital/DTS/PCM over HDMI though.

The nvidia card may not support the encoded audio formats anyway. so the DRM may not even kick in.

Either way I think your TV shouldn't need custom EDIDs to work correctly if the 1440x900 resolution is in the INF your using.

It should just work with modern drivers unless your TV doesn't follow the spec properly.

Could you tell us which drivers/INFs you have tried and the TV model number, and the type of audio source/player your using?

I would have posted this post earlier but I was out of town.

I really don't think its DRM though.

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lots of terms i dont understand there lol

but wil try to answer your questions best i can

drivers i am curerntly using 179.48 before that i also tried 179.38? i think of the one before that

infs i have used the nvsm as its a samsung laptop

ive treid pieters vista 179.48

the tv is a Samsung LE19R86BD

anything else you need to know?

hope ive helped you help me lol


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How does 181.22 work?

You could try Pieter's version and Dox's .1 version.

You never told me if this was a s/pdif thing.

Is their a manual for your card about how to enable the sound?

I'll go look on nvidia's site for more info about this, if they have it.

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i will try those versions

i dont know what you mean by spdif thing?

i know it stands for sont philips digital interface yes?

but the sound doesnt connect via a spdif cable

the laptop has a hdmi port and the tv has a hdmi port so i use a hdmi to hdmi cable to connect the two

in the control panel the sound is named nvidia hdmi output


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On some nvidia graphics cards it just forwards s/pdif over the HDMI cable.

If the card has proper HDMI sound support it could send 8 channel LPCM over HDMI or (if HDMI 1.3) bitstreamed HD audio. (True HD, etc)

So what is your audio source?

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losing me there, ive inserted picture of my sound control panel below hope that helps

if thats not what yoru after can you tell me how to find out?



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