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Acer aspire 7720g-8600m gt 512mb

Guest Alex

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Hi im new at this benchmarking, but here is my test:


-Acer aspire 7720g

-Intel core 2 duo t7700 2,4 ghz

-3 gb ddr2

-geforce 8600m gt 512 mb ddr2 - driver version 179.48

Here are the link to test result- its a microsoft word file u should download because i couldent figure out how to put the screenprint into this topic.



BTW- my gpu tempature is normally 64-thats when im doing nothing. but under the 3dmark06 test it reached the maximum of 90 -i think its a little too high!!! and i dont think its smart to do any overclocking with that temparture.

i know that this test result isent the best- but is it a okay result??

thanks for all advises.

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That's damn poor! I'm getting @stock around 3800 3dmarks06 (ForceWare182.06) on my lappy, which is pretty similiar to yours.

Maybe try uninstalling some crapware from the system and if the temps are ok overclocking the card a bit. I also noticed significant improvement after updating my video bios, but don't do that if you're inexperienced.

btw. next time just write your scores without any attachments ;-)

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@ OP: A score of 3083 is about right at 1280x1024, and a max temperature of 90C is not something to worry about as the max for an 8600m GT is 110C (or something like that)

@ H3r3tic, I assume that you ran 3D mark 06 at 1280x800 (only judging by your profile specs).

1280x800 has 1024000 pixels and 1280x1024 has 1310720 pixels ---- so:

At 1280x800 you only use ~78% of the rendering power compared to 1280x1024.

thus your score of 3800 3D marks x 78% = 2969

So at 1280x1024 you would probably get ~3000

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I will try the test in 1200*800.

Which crapware do u think of?

and i saw in the system requirement for 3dmark06 - is 2,5 ghz processor - and mine is 2,4 ghz, does it any difference.

Thanks for help=)

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At 1200*800 my score was 3634, almost 650 points better than 1200*1000.

Im scoring very bad in the cpu test the fps is around 0-1 fps!!! it takes or 3 seconds to load 1 sec!

Do the psysx have any difference in this test, i know that mine version is only at 8. something.

Here are the 3 test results for 1200*800:

Sm 2.0 score: 1402

HDR/Sm 3.0 score: 1359

CPU score: 2076

3634 3Dmarks.

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The minimum requirement is a 2.5 ghz single core processor :)

Yours is a dual core

Also pretty much everyone scores badly in the CPU test because it is designed to strain the CPU, it relies really heavily on AI calculations, also enabling hardware physx wont do much (I think 3D mark 06 doesnt use it)

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"And 182.06 dont support my 8600m gt! "

So you did use the modified inf?

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Yes, put it into the driver to replace the original inf.

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Downclock the GPU...

OK, raise the back of the laptop by 2 inches. Buy a laptop cooler.

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My inches come from a bit of wood, 12"x2"x2", double sided tape and some rubber feet...

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