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9600M DDR2 overclocking


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I'm bought a new 16" acer last week ( 6930)

Specs :

16" 1366x768



9600M GS 512MB DDR2

Vista X64

Dox 185.20 Balanced

OCZ freeze on GPU

Stock speeds : 430/1075/475

3Dmark06 4300

Overclock 625/1563/500

3dmark06 5500

Almost no difference in temperatures. The max core clocks are 690 , shaders 1700 but it's very clear that i'm memory bound at those speed. Anything i can do about this ? I guess i'm stuck with this memory bandwith limited ddr2.

Anyone here that has pics of a MXM 9600MGS and 9600M GT, both DDR2 ? I'd like to know the difference between the 2 cards. I'm running my GS at 550/1400/475 24/24h now, WAR is running fine at med !

Any other experiences with 9600M DDr2 cards ? Other benchmarks ? Any idea how safe it is to run a overclock?

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how can u do that ?

i cant overclock my systems.

2.26 dual core, 4ram, 9600m gt ddr2. Hp .

waiting any advices for overclocking so icant overclock with ati tool n rivaturner .

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