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Problems since installing 179.48 drivers


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I have an Asus N80VN-X5, Vista 64bit, 4 gigs ram, 9650mGT graphics. I installed the 179.48 driver from here and all seemed good. Tried to run 3dmark06 and got this error: IDirect3DDevice9::Present failed: Device lost (D3DERR_DEVICELOST)

I went back to the original driver and still got the same error msg when trying to run 3dmark06.

I then started closing programs one at a time until I got 3dmark to successfully launch. Turns out that the new Skype was the culprit. I then messed around with Skype and found that when I changed "visual style of the window" from "Skype" to "classic windows" it cured the problem. I duplicated the error everytime I changed that setting in Skype. Anyone else have this problem?

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Never mind..... I just found the reason at this site: Skype

Seems like the new drivers just made this Skype issue rear it's ugly head.

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