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Modded INF for FX 3700M (Dell M6400) ?


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Hi everybody, this is my first post in this forum.

I'd like to use one of the modded INFs for either 181.20 or 185.xx on my brand new Dell M6400 (NVidia FX 3700M). I'm running Win7 Beta 64-bit

I've used the one INF from this forum, installation is going nicely through until the end - with a message "driver has not been installed" - do you want to reboot.


Is the FX 3700M already supported? (I haven't seen a reference in the nv_disp.inf file). If no, what can I do to be able to install the latest GeForce driver - so that I can use my machine for CUDA).

Many thanks for any hints and tipps,


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Is the FX 3700M already supported? (I haven't seen a reference in the nv_disp.inf file).

Yes, it's in the modified inf, can't say how long it has already been (checked only 185.20 inf).

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Thank you.

Maybe I missed something, but the 181 or 185 drivers won't install.


Dell M6400

Win7Beta 64bit (driver should be same to Vista 64bit)

FX3700M driver from Dells Website installed, up and running (Version or Forceware 176.53)

Copying the 181.20 driver to local hard disk, replacing nv_disp.inf with the modded one.

run the setup.exe, which executes nicely, but at the end, the last screen says:

"The system has not been modified. To install this program at a later time, run the installation again."

Rebooot yes or no

Any further information is highly appreciated.



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I installed 185.20 - it even reported a successful install!

Unfortunately, the screen is almost unreadable . Basically it looks like every second vertical row is a solid white line and only every other line is displaying the intended content.

Is there a simple cure for this visual anomaly?

Thanks again for your help,


I've attached the INF file of the only version which works properly. Its the original Dell FX3700M driver (176.53) for Vista 64bit


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