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Ati radeon 4570 vs Geforce 9600M GS


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I am planning to buy a laptop with a good graphics card to play all the latest games..even at low-med will do...I have options of two laptops...one has P8400(2.26 ghz,3mb cache,1066 Mhz FSB) processor wid 9600M GS and other has T6400(2 ghz,2mb cache,800 mhz FSB) processor with Ati radeon 4570 graphics . So which one will run games better?? And how much is the difference in performance??

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I saw this video on youtube..where this guy has an Asus F6Ve-B1 laptop with HD4570 512 mb ddr2 ,C2D T9550(2.66ghz) ,4gb ddr2 ram! And hes shown the benchmarks on 3dmark 06 ...its just 3521 on 1024x768!! while geforce 9600M gs easily goes above 4000 on 1024x768 on 3dmark 06 and even more depending on the processor..like its 4622 at 1024x768 withT9400(2.53 ghz) processor !!

Heres the video..

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Yes you must!!! As part of your membership to the nVision LV2G forums it is our responsibility and duty to prove that the nvidia 9600m is faster than the 4570.


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lol, I am such a traitor here, I switched to HD3650 from 8600m GT :) , it is faster then 8600m GT I had and now I no longer have the downclocking issues on my laptop while gaming. :)

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I think ATI 4570HD is slow, it has 64bit Memory Bus Width. More infos: http://www.notebookcheck.net/AMD-ATI-Mobil...70.13885.0.html

About 9600GS: http://www.notebookcheck.net/NVIDIA-GeForc...-GS.9450.0.html

Compare them.

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Guest Sorrow

I think 9600 is better .As we konw NV`s GPU can run games faster than ati`s.

That? not true that the ati s are slower than NVies i think it depends on motherboard and chipset what card is better for you

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