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Anti Aliasing is... not gone, but...

Dark Keitaro

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Good evening to everyone :3

It's me again, with some another issue on my gf8400m gt. I cant really explain it, but my anti aliasing don't work more fine. It abrades not all of the 3d-objects in games. For example wires, lines and such stuff don't look fine.

Here an example with fallout 3:


This is the quality of 4xAA... I think thats not normal, because back in time it has looked better.

What i've tried:

Reinstall Driver - Failed - same issue

Install another (older and newer) Driver - Failed - same issue

Reinstall Windows - Failed - same issue

Force the AA with Nhancer - worked for some games, with a huge fps-downfall ;/

At the moment I use the 182.05 driver, and I overclock with ATI-Tool. I've also tired to deinstall ati-tool, but the problem dont go away :)

I hope somebody can help ^^

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enable supersampling on that game, looks like antialiasing is not enabled on default for transparent textures. supersampling enables AA on textures

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as I said, i can't really force the transparent aa ._.

the speed of the games slows down, but the effect don't appears... the same bad quality

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yeah I think there is something wrong, even though I no longer own Nvidia, but here is my screen shot rendered using HD3650. did you try using factory drivers? or drivers from your official manufacture of your laptop? or are you using Dox laptopvideo2go's inf?

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now I'm using the 185.20'th version. It's the dox-version, but with the usual drivers it also don't worke fine.

The manufactor (sony) only have vista-drivers, so I must use the nview-drivers.

an actual screenshot of need for speed carbon with 4xAA:


also in max payne 2:


the aa-loosing only appears here , when i switch in the bullet-time mode ~ usually it also don't lokes fine, but when the mode is activated, the picture looks worse

i really don't know what to do

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