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GTAIV on Dell M90 with Quadro Fx2500M


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Hi All,

I'm the proud owner of a Dell Precision M90 T7400 2.16Ghz, Nvidia Quadro Fx2500M 512mb (Driver 97.46, A01) running Vista Business x64.

Although it was once used for CAD, it has now became a good household laptop and is now use mainly for gaming.

One other thing to add, is that I'm a complete newbie with video card and don't understand most of the thing I've read on this website.

Now the problem: I've recently bought and installed GTA IV on my pc and as many other, I've got missing texture issues.

Reading other forum I've been advised to update my video drivers, but Nvidia tells me my driver are up to date.

I've also been directed to NVIDIA release of new driver for GTA4 (180.84) but I can't install those drivers as they're not compatible with my card.

Which brought me here.

Here I've learn that I can do something that would allow me to put different driver on my M90 and that I could also change the bios of my card to make it like a 7900GTX.

So my questions:

- Would I gain anything by changing whatever needs changing to make my Fx2500m like a 7900GTX? And if yes, what do I need to do?

- If not, how do I put better driver than the one offered by dell and which one would be better for my GTA4 problem.

Thanks in advance

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Thanks Zipper, I'll try that tonight.

Should it install straight away? Ordo I need to do anything esle before installing it?

In the past when I've tried to install 18x.xx driver from Nvidia, I've got a message saying that I don't have any compatible card...


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Dox drivers support all mobile cards.

the recommended procedure is:

-uninstall the old driver

-clean the driver leftover files with driver sweeper in safe mode

-install the new driver

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Thanks A lot Zipper, it worked like a charm. I now can play GTA4 and actually see where I'm going.

Thanks a bunch


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You're welcome!

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  • 2 years later...

You mean those 182.05 links? They seem to work here.

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hi there em a newbie... i have installed dox 182.05 for fx 2500m

few problems i have noticed ..1,laptop screen shows vertical lines and when system goes in sleep on waking up screen goes black till restarting .. plz guide me thanks!!!

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