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Best video drivers for a P-6831fx


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Hi all, I have been pulling my hair out on this so I thought I'd ask here. What is the recommended, best drivers currently for this laptop? I am running Vista 32bit, which came with the laptop, and it uses a nVidia 8800M GPU. The most recent drivers I've been able to use are 178.13. Anything else newer than that I've tried have not worked properly. I fail to see the NVidia control panel when I right click on the desktop and when I look at the driver specs they don't even support Dx10. I just gotta think there's newer 'working' drivers than from Sept of last year.

Any suggestions?

I just got done trying 3 of the most recent drivers on this site and I had no luck. I just don't wanna have to go thru and try every driver since 178.13. :)

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And you tried the drivers with the modded inf? If you haven't try 182.06 with modded inf. There may be better older drivers than 182.06 but I am not sure.

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Yup, I did try the drivers with the modded .inf. 182.06 was one of them.

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Ok maybe I'm not understanding how some of the newer drivers work? I am used to seeing the NVidia Control Panel show up with I right-click on the desktop. I reinstalled the 182.06 drivers and although I don't see this option, the drivers are working. I usually use Lord of the Rings Online as a quick test of Dx10 functionality and it was working in that game (aka I can see dynamic shadows working).

I did a screen cap of what I get when I go into Display Properties. Seems kinda weird that it only says Dx 8.1 there.


Is this normal?

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