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Equivelent GPU?

Guest MonkeyMhz

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Guest MonkeyMhz

Well, my LGR500 dropped dead!. 1 day it was fine, the next day it woulden't work. It turned on, fans worked, screen backlight didn't come on, nothing showed on the screen and the hard drive activity was little to none. If I didn't plug it in the wall, fans wouldent even come on, Ive checked everything and to me it looks like a Motherboard failure or maybe a complicated PSU problem. And its 4 months after warranty = ( (FFS). But lucky visa extended warranty covers it, but I didn't have time to wait months to get a working computer so I went out bought a new laptop.

For 1999$ with a 400$ discount I got the baby for only 1599$, nearly the same price I bought my last laptop for. I was a tad nervous buying it, but I was desperate and in Canada there is a serious lack of sufficent GPU laptops at futureshop or bestbuy so I bought it from London Drugs (A Canadian Store).

It looked awfully familiar to a MSI GT series laptop. But it was branded with Certified Data (London Drugs Brand). What pushed me over the edge to buy it was also that if it has problems they repair it very close to were I live so theres no worries.

So I went for it, after installing Crysis Warhead and all my apps Im more than amazed with its performance. It runs Crysis Warhead no problem at 1280x800 with everything in Gamer and shaders, textures, effects, particles, post pro all in enthusiast.

FEAR 2 & FC2 are no problem at all.

Laptop Specs:

AMD Turion X2 Ultra Duel Core ZM 82 (2.4Ghz)

ATI 3850 (2GB With TurboCache, I think 512MB or 1GB Deticated, GDDR3)


320GB Hard Drive

Blu-Ray CD Drive

1920x1200 Resolution 17".

I was worried about the CPU but it actually fairs very well against my old C2D T7500.

Anyways enough yapping back to my main question whats the Geforce Laptop Equivelent to a ATI 3850, perhaps a 8800GT?

I could have gone with a laptop with a 9600M GT & Core2Duo for less, but the resolution was terrible and I heard the 3850 was faster.

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I don't think it is more powerful then the 8800, but it looks like it is just over 9700, this is according the notebookcheck.com

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3dMark06 is not an accurate measure of performance for high end video cards. Vantage is more accurate to game performance. 06 is more useful for the midrange-lowend segment because of its age and render techniques.

Also the 3850 is not the equivilant of the 8800GT. The laptop equivilant is the 8800m GTS. The desktop 8800GT is significantly faster than both.

Also Notebookcheck is generally wrong on all their estimates of the performance of videocards. Unless they reviewed a laptop with a card in it, you can safely ignore their benchmarks.

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Guest MonkeyMhz

I ran vantage, stupid thing only lets you run it once and I was in balanced power mode, probably doesn't make a difference, I don't think High Performance setting would go much faster...

I scored:


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