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Can I upgrade my 9600M GT Graphic Card?


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Hello, So this Is My Question I got HP Pavilion dv5 1179ej It's coming with :

Intel Core 2 Duo CPU P8400 @ 2.26GHz

3 Giga ram of memory ( Enable to upgrade it to 8giga of ram )

nVidia Geforce 9600GT 512MB ( I really don't know if it's DDR 2 or 3 I think it's is DDR 2) But iIm Sure It's Dedicated Graphic Card..

And I really wanna know if I can Upgrade my Graphic Card To 9800M GT or 9800M GTX I really Hope Someone Will answer My Question .

Thanks alot. :)

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Probably not, 9600m gt i think its mxm type ii and 9800 series are mxm type iii, so the phisic size of cards are different, so i think you cant do it.

PD: Sorry for my english xD.

PD2: I have an 8600m gs and i want to upgrade to an 9600m gt in a mitac 8252d, anyone knows if it is possible?

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Your HP most likely does not have MXM so there is no chance of upgrading. Also the 512MB version of the 9600m GT from HP is a DDR2 version and is likely soldered onto the motherboard, without an MXM slot.

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Guest Guest

First off, I don't think that HP's using MXM technology, second of all, even if HP did, I don't think it would fit, mxm type differs with 9600m GT only being type 2 while the 9800m GT/GTS is type 3 HE or type 4 in some cases.

More so than cramming it in, the TDP of both cards are different, with the 9800m GT's TDP higher than the 9600m GT. Besides that, the BIOS of your motherboard may very well not support the mentioned card, effectively rendering your laptop unable to post if one such transition may occur. Finally, if , by some chance of miracle, you managed to get it working despite the aforementioned factors prohibiting such a transition, thermal budget would.

The card will, melt through the laptop's chassis.

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:) 9600M GT and 9800M GT / GTX is very different

cos GTX version is way to large ( MXM Special ) compare to 9600 n

its imposibble.. do more research before questions

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