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overclock/benchmarking 9300m gs / g98


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intel P8400 2.26 ghz

3GB RAM ddr2

1066 FSB

Vista x64

9200m GS 512MB ddr2 :)


I just got my Pavilion dv3507 3 weeks ago, decided to do some overclocking on the 9300m gs

It is not a bad card, my clock maxed out 750/1700/533. Plays Deadspace 1280x800 30 frames on medium all features on.

Fortunately dv3507 have good cooling means I had constant 40C on CPU and 30C undervolt idle, barely goes above 45C

I decided to overclock more on the CPU to 766.66/1850/561. Regardless of the insanity the temps were at 58C after 3dmark06 test

766.66mhz profile is considered unstable in Atitool artifact detection, 750mhz profile is completely stable

guess what !


all @ 1024x768 on 3d mark 06

766.66/1850/561 - 2858 - temp59C

750/1700/533 - 2678 - temp55C

500/1000/400(stock) - 1785 - temp52C

3dmark 05 default

766.66/1850/561 - 4442 temp65C

750/1700/533 - 4201 - temp61C

note clock values are core/shader/mem

shader and core clock is unlinked, tremendous performance gain from doing so

aha this crap can actually stand equal with 8600M GS (stock)

my driver is 185.20


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